15MM Stepper Gear Motor

15MM Stepper Gear Motor
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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 15mm stepper gear motor in China, and we are able to offer you customized 15mm stepper gear motor made in China. Welcome to contact our factory.

15BYHJ 15mm Stepper Gear Motor


1.Stepper motor with gearbox

2.More precise stepper Angle, torsion bigger

Model Step angel No.of phase Voltage Current Resistance Inductance Holding torque No-load pullout No-load starting Pulling Wdg Fig
(Deg.) (v)DC (A) (Ω) (mH) (g.cm) Frequency frequency torque
15BYHJ50 18/50 2 5 0.5 10 2.3 1/50 1380 1280 280(at 200pps) a 1
15BYHJ102.5 18 2 5 0.5 10 2.3 1/102.5 1200 1000 350(at 200pps) a 1

Wiring Diagram