What Matters To The DC Motor Used

DC motor (direct current machine) refers to direct current convert electrical energy into mechanical energy (DC motor) or converts the mechanical energy into direct current electricity (DC generator) for rotating electrical machines. It is a DC motor of electric energy and mechanical energy conversion. Electric runtime when it is DC motor convert electrical energy into mechanical energy; for generating runtime is a DC generator, converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. DC motor inside fixed has ring pm body, current through rotor Shang of coil produced amps force, dang rotor Shang of coil and magnetic field parallel Shi, again continues to turned by of magnetic field direction will change, so at rotor end of electric brush with conversion tablets alternating contact, to coil Shang of current direction also change, produced of Lorentz force direction not variable, so motor can keep a direction turned, following introduced points note matters: a. in demolition Qian, to with compression air blow NET motor surface dust, and will surface dirt wipe clean.