What Matters To The DC Motor In Operation

1, monitor changes in supply voltage voltage range should not be above or below the rated voltage 10%, if less than this range, should be appropriate to reduce the load. Meanwhile, three-phase voltage imbalance cannot too large. The difference of any two phase voltage should not exceed 5%, otherwise the motor heat too quickly. Motor power supply the best carry a voltage meter and switch the direct monitor. 2, monitor motor operating current under normal conditions of operation shall not exceed the nameplate ratings. Should also note whether three-phase current balance and difference of any two current value should not be greater than the rated current of the 10% or indicate motor fault. Special attention to whether there is a lack of runs. Larger capacity should be installed in the motor ammeter current monitoring, the smaller of the motor should be using clamp ammeter measuring current at any time. 3, monitor the temperature of the motor temperature rise shall not exceed the limits allowed on the motor nameplate. Temperature rise in the motor running monitor run-motor direct and reliable way. Check the temperature method, see 144 questions. On the wire voltmeter, ammeter and overload protection devices are installed, and is the primary means of monitoring temperature rise.