The Development Trend Of China's Wind Power Industry Automation Market

At present, with independent intellectual property rights of wind turbine equipment gap is large, core of the wind turbine manufacturing technology there is not available. In this regard, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance is working on the development of wind turbine machine and parts localization support programmes, or proprietary wind turbine motor machine and component manufacturing and financial support. At present, the development level of China's wind power equipment, although the 600kW and 750kW wind turbine production capacity, but people part of wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises in China is still at the low end devices in the design and manufacturing standards. Due to the lack of core technology, electrical equipment production in China is 10 years ago, products of developed countries. With the innovation of industrial automation, more and more wide application areas of linear motors. Japan Tamagawa, Panasonic, servos and other companies have a linear motor products, China's Zhejiang University also has a linear motor products. Companies from around the world are in the strong field of research and development of new products and new applications. Linear motors are asynchronous, synchronous, brushless, stepper, brushed DC, direct current, such as various types.