Small Electric Motors For Automotive Overview

Motor drive on a small motor in the car mainly used in automobile engines, chassis, body in three parts and accessories. One is the application of automobile engine parts: mainly in automobile starters, electronic fuel injection control system, radiator and generator applications. These parts should have more than one DC motors and stepper motors. Second application of vehicle chassis frames, mainly in automotive electronic suspension control system, automobile cruise control, electric power steering, vehicle stability control system, auto cruise control system, braking system and driving and driving force of explosion-proof control system applications. Which is widely used in permanent-magnet DC motors or permanent-magnet step motors. Third, application of auto body parts: mainly in the central door locking devices, electric rearview mirror, automatic lifting antennas, automatic, sunroof, automatic headlamps, automatic seat application. Universal application of permanent-magnet DC motor and permanent magnet stepper motors.