PM Stepper Motor Development Forecast

PM Stepper Motor  development forecast

According to Tim Schamel, Vice President and General Manager of Nippon Electric Works Co., Ltd., PMSM is an AC synchronous motor with excitation provided by permanent magnets. These motors usually have sinusoidal back electromotive force waveforms. The rotor assembly is equipped with a permanent magnet, the permanent magnet is surrounded by three equally spaced windings, and the winding is fixed to the stator assembly. And then through the stator field and the rotor of the magnetic field between the attraction or rejection to produce torque.

PMSM is also widely known in the industry as an electronic commutation motor.

"The PMSM is in stark contrast to common induction motors because they have to energize the rotor and stator to generate a magnetic field in the motor," said Brent Boyd, director of business and residential solutions at Emerson. As a result, PMSM usually requires less work and is more efficient.

PMSM applications

PMSM is currently the most common in high-efficiency systems. Katrina Krites, the variable-speed marketing manager for Emerson's business and residential solutions, said there are compressors, efficient condenser fans, indoor fans, geothermal and water pumps that are currently available on the market.

The efficiency advantage offered by these motors means that they can provide value for multiple market segments.

"PMSM provides energy-efficient alternatives for manufacturers, contractors, end users and homeowners," Schamel said. "These products consume very little energy, especially when multiple motor speeds or variable speeds are required. These products also help manufacturers and contractors meet the requirements of the US Department of Energy (DOE) regulations - Energy Star - Facilities discount required by the energy consumption target.

In this area, the current PMSM design for electrical products is suitable for residential applications, including indoor applications such as furnaces and air processors, as well as outdoor applications for air conditioning and heat pumps.

"Constant airflow is the advantage of Air Conditioning 1, which provides constant airflow in a variety of conditions due to the internal working principle of the motor," Schamel said. "By using software algorithms that can be adjusted by OEMs, the motor provides the content that is being told to be provided, and it will not be less or less, but it will mean that because of changes in the system in the home or commercial piping system, There is no blow at the low static and no loss of traffic at the higher static. You can get the required temperature from the compact direct drive blower to maximize the temperature control. In addition, the motor power is only used to meet the HVAC Air conditioning system needs.PMSM development forecast

As the motor market grows strong in the next five years, manufacturers are excited about the development of PMSM.

"We expect PMSM to continue to grow in the next few years, partly to meet the efficiency regulatory requirements for business and residential space," Boyd said.

Krites added that all major system manufacturers have advanced products that use PMSM technology. "With the change in technology and cost reduction, which makes PMSM applications easier, so we expect PMSM will be more widely adopted." She said.

Schamel also expects DOE rules for residential and commercial HVAC equipment to drive demand, end users and utilities to reduce energy consumption, increasing the popularity of PMSM.