PM Stepper Motor Choose A Point

PM Stepper Motor Choose a point

The Number and Parameter Selection of Permanent Magnet Stepping Motor

There are many types of motor equipment, different motors used in our lives, but many people on the motor phase is not very understanding. Today we come to introduce you to the next permanent magnet stepper motor phase reference, as well as to see the parameters of choice points. Presumably we are very curious, the following and Xiao Bian down to see it!

Since the output torque of the permanent magnet stepper motor is constantly attenuated with the speed of the speed, the output power also varies with the speed of the **, so the torque is one of the most important parameters to measure the stepper motor. For example, when people say that the 2N.m stepper motor, in the absence of special instructions, means a stepper motor with a torque of 2N.m. By the semi-reactive stepper motor rotor less than hydro magnetic material, so the stepper motor is not energized in the case, set the lock to turn the torque.

1, static temperature rise: refers to the motor still, according to the provisions of the operating mode of the maximum number of phase through the rated quiescent current to achieve a stable heat balance when the temperature rise. 2, the dynamic temperature rise: the motor at a certain frequency under no-load operation, according to the provisions of the running time to work, after the end of the run-time temperature reached by the motor temperature rise. 3, torque characteristics: it represents the motor torque and single-phase power when the relationship between the excitation current. 4, start the frequency characteristics: the starting frequency and the relationship between the load torque is called the start torque characteristics. A geared motor is an integrated body of a reducer and a motor (motor). Such an assembly may also be referred to as a gear motor or a gear motor.

Usually by the professional reducer production plant integrated assembly after the complete set of supply. Gear motors are widely used in the steel industry, machinery industry and so on. The advantage of using a geared motor is to simplify the design and save space. After the Second World War, the rapid development of military electronic equipment to promote the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries micro-motor, DC gear motor development and production. With the continuous development of the gear motor industry, more and more industries and enterprises to use the gear motor, there are a number of enterprises into the gear motor industry. At present, in the world of micro-gear motor, DC motor market, Germany, France, Britain, the United States, China, Korea and other countries to maintain the leading level. China's miniature geared motor, DC gear motor industry was founded in the 20th century, 50 years, from the need to meet the needs of weapons and equipment, after imitation, self-design, research and development, scale manufacturing stage, has formed product development, large-scale production, key components , Key materials, special manufacturing equipment, testing equipment, and other supporting integrity, the internationalization of the ever-increasing industrial system.