PM Stepper Motor Actuators

PM Stepper Motor actuators

PM stepper motor is widely used in various fields, and PM stepper motor is widely used in various fields of production practice. Is its greatest application in nc machine tool manufacturing, because PM stepping motor don't need a/d conversion, can be directly to digital pulse signal into angular displacement, it is considered ideal actuators of nc machine tools. The early PM stepping motor output torque is relatively small, unable to meet the needs, and the hydraulic pulse motor is composed with the neutralization hydraulic torque amplifier. With the development of stepping motor technology, PM stepping motor has been able to be used independently on the system and has become an irreplaceable execution element. Such as stepper motor used for CNC milling machine feed servo drive motor, in this application, stepper motor can be done at the same time two work, one is the transmission torque, the other is to pass on information. PM stepping motor can also be used as the driving motor for the synchronous system of nc worm grinding wheel. In addition to the application of nc machine tool, a PM stepping motor can be using in other machinery, such as automatic feeder of the motor, as a general purpose of the floppy disk drive motor, can also be applied in the printer and plotter. One is overload. The speed is not affected by the load size, unlike ordinary motor, when the load is increased, the speed will decrease, and the PM stepping motor is used with strict requirements on the speed and position.

Second, control is convenient. The PM stepping motor is rotated in the "step" and the digital features are obvious.

Third, the whole machine structure is simple. The traditional mechanical speed and position control structure are more complicated and difficult to adjust. After using the PM stepping motor, the structure of the machine becomes simple and compact. The speed motor is converted to a voltage and transmitted to the input terminal as a feedback signal. Speed motor is a kind of auxiliary type, installed at the end of the common dc motor speed motor, by speed motor feedback voltage to the dc power supply, to achieve the purpose of the dc motor speed control.