Hybrid Stepper Motor The Scope Of Use

   Hybrid Stepper Motor The 3D printer is a cumulative manufacturing technology, a machine for rapid prototyping technology, which is based on a digital model file, using special waxes, powdery metal or plastic and other adhesive materials, by printing a layer of Bonding material to create three-dimensional objects. At this stage the three-dimensional printer is used to make the product. Layer-by-layer printing to construct objects.

   Hybrid Stepper Motor In our common ordinary home-type 3D printer, the motor in the 3D printer is a very important power components, today's supply of motor use in the 3D printer on the mountain motor engineer for everyone to share some of the relevant knowledge of the motor.

   Hybrid Stepper Motor It is different from the ordinary AC-DC motor, the general motor to turn on the power, but the motor is not, the motor is to receive a command on the implementation of a step, there is no glide of the power motor, circumferential distribution is the motor accuracy, Is the accuracy of the motor size, for example, stepper motor is divided into: 80 steps, 100 steps, 200 steps, 280 steps, 300 steps and so on. In the 3D printer, the motor is responsible for the lifting and lowering of the machine Z axis (that is, responsible for the machine layer thick) to do a precise interpretation and technical calculations.

So how does the motor and chip program control the thickness of the 3d printer layer? The motor drives the Z-axis rotation, and the rotation of the Z-axis drives the machine head to rise, resulting in a layer thickness. There are some brands of 3d printer is the use of 50 models of the motor (that is, the motor diameter is 50mm, 200 steps per week, Z-axis pitch of 1.75mm, then you can calculate the 3d print out of each step of the product For the "1.75mm รท 200 step = 0.0875mm layer thickness", X axis, Y axis is the same, this is already a hair accuracy, which for those who use the fake technology is absolute accuracy, but This is not the final result, in our technology, you can also use the programming technology to further subdivided the motor step into 20 steps, that is, 0.0875mm and then divided by 20 equal to 0.004375, this figure has been lower than the printed material molecular weight , So only based on the layer to determine the accuracy is not accurate, of course, only to master the core technology to do this.

  Hybrid Stepper Moto In the 3D printer, the stability of the motor and operating accuracy directly affect the printing problem of the 3D printer, understand the relevant knowledge of the motor in the maintenance of our 3D printer plays a very important role.