Hybrid Stepper Motor The Angle Of Rotation

Hybrid Stepper Motor The angle of rotation

Hybrid motor is a kind of induction motor, its working principle is the use of electronic circuits, the DC into a time-sharing power supply, multi-phase timing control current, with this current for the hybrid stepper motor power supply, hybrid step Into the motor to work properly, the drive is a hybrid stepper motor time-sharing power supply, multi-phase timing controller. Suzhou hybrid stepper motor manufacturers to analyze the characteristics and advantages of hybrid stepper motor which.

The advantages of hybrid stepper motors are as follows:

(1) the angle of rotation of the motor is proportional to the number of pulses;

(2) When the motor is stopped, it has the maximum torque (when the winding is excited);

(3) because of the accuracy of each step in the three to five percent, and will not be one step error accumulated to the next step and thus have a better position accuracy and motion repeatability;

(4) excellent start and stop and reverse response;

(5) because there is no brush, high reliability, so the life of the motor depends only on the bearing life;

(6) The response of the motor is determined only by the digital input pulse, so that open-loop control can be used, which makes the structure of the motor relatively simple and costly;

(7) Only the load can be directly connected to the motor shaft can also be very low speed synchronous rotation.

(8) Since the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency, there is a wide range of speed. Brushless DC motor in accordance with the working characteristics, can be divided into two categories, the following by our hybrid stepper motor manufacturers to do for you under the following description:

1. Brushless DC Motor with DC Motor Characteristics

Back electromotive force waveform and power supply current waveforms are rectangular wave motor, known as rectangular wave synchronous motor, also known as brushless DC motor. This type of motor is powered by a DC power supply. The position of the main rotor is detected by means of a position sensor, and the corresponding electronic commutation line is triggered by the detected signal to achieve contactless commutation. Obviously, this brushless DC motor has a variety of operating characteristics of brushless DC motor.

2. Brushless DC Motor with AC Motor Characteristics

Both the back electromotive force waveform and the supply current waveform are sine wave motors, called sine wave synchronous motors. This type of motor is also powered by the DC power supply, but through the inverter will be converted into alternating current DC, and then to drive the general synchronous motor. So the motor, gearbox motor manufacturers to take you to understand the characteristics of brushless DC motor they have a variety of synchronous motor operating characteristics.