Hybrid Stepper Motor Step Angle

Hybrid Stepper Motor Step angle

Stepper motor unique characteristics

 For everyone to talk about stepper motor, many people know that the stepper motor is required to drive to be able to rotate, there is a drive signal is also a pulse signal, so stepper motor at rest, if we add pulse Signal, and in the step drive driven by him will be rotated, we also called the step angle, the angle of rotation and the pulse speed and the frequency of the pulse is related.

For everyone to assume that a stepper motor step angle is 8.0 degrees then a circle is the need for 360 degrees this way you need 52 pulses can be completed.

There is that we can change the order of the pulse at the same time can also change the direction of the pulse.

Stepper motor is a quick start and fast stop the advantages, so many of the equipment we recommend to use stepper motor.

The types of stepper motors and their respective characteristics

 Types of stepping motors:

Usually by excitation method is divided into three categories:

(1) Reaction formula (VR):

The rotor is soft magnetic material, no winding, fixed, rotor open teeth, small step. The most widely used

(2) permanent magnet type (PM):

The rotor is permanent magnet material, the number of poles of the rotor = the number of poles per phase, not the small tooth, the step angle is larger, the torque is bigger.

(3) mixed (HB):

The rotor is permanent magnet, two, open teeth, mixed reaction and permanent magnet advantages: torque, dynamic performance, small step angle. But the structure is complex and costly.

Commonly used stepper motor to hybrid stepper motor, the following describes the selection of hybrid stepper motor to illustrate Figure 1 is the two-phase four-wire leads, two windings alone lead line; Figure 2 is the two-phase six lines Figure 4 is a four-phase eight-wire lead-out, four windings alone lead-out line; Figure 4 is a four-phase five-wire lead-out, four windings alone lead line. (Note: here the phase and three-phase AC in the "phase" concept is different. Stepper machine is the DC pulse, which mainly refers to the line connection and the number of windings difference) which two-phase four-wire, two-phase Five lines, two lines of the most common line. The difference between them is the choice of drive:

Two-phase four-wire stepper motor needs to choose bipolar drive.

Two-phase five-wire stepper motor needs to choose unipolar drive.

Two-phase six-wire stepper motor can choose bipolar drive or unipolar drive.

(In accordance with the direction of the current flow through the winding is a one-way or two-way to distinguish the drive is unipolar or bipolar) It can be seen that the two-phase six-wire stepper motor application of the most flexible, you can choose to be unipolar Sexual drive, but also can choose bipolar drive.