Hybrid Stepper Motor Main Performance

Hybrid Stepper Motor main performance

Each product has its quality differences, good or bad, today teach us how to judge the quality of hybrid stepper motor. For the procurement staff is very helpful, you can avoid the procurement of poor quality to the hybrid stepper motor.

     Observe the stepper motor running in the process of any abnormalities, the main performance for the following cases:

1. When the stator windings are short-circuited, you may see the stepper motor smoke.

2. When the stepper motor is overloaded or missing, the speed will slow down and have a heavier "buzzing" sound.

3. Stepper motor maintenance network normal operation, but suddenly stop, you will see the wiring loose sparks; fuse blows or a part of the stuck and so on.

4. If the stepper motor vibrates violently, it may be that the transmission is jammed or the stepper motor is not fixed properly, and the foot bolt is loose.

5. If there are discoloration, burning marks and smoke traces in the contact points and connections of the stepping motor, it means that there may be local overheating, bad contact at the conductor connection or burnout of the winding.

    Touch the temperature of some parts of the stepper motor can also determine the cause of the malfunction. To ensure safety, hand touch when using the back of hand to touch

Touch into the motor shell, bearing around the part, if found to be abnormal temperature, the reasons may be the following.

1. Poor ventilation. Such as fan off, ventilation ducts and so on.

2. overload. So that the current is too large and the stator winding overheating.

3. Stator winding inter-turn short circuit or three-phase current imbalance.

4. Frequent start or brake. 5. If the bearing temperature is too high, it may be damaged due to bearing or lack of oil.

Stepper motor will be disturbed when the machine can not work properly, then, this time how to do it, the following by the stepper motor company to tell you:

In many cases, because the stepper motor current and voltage is high, for example, some stepping motor maximum output current 8A, voltage 325V, coupled with its shell is not selected aluminum alloy shell for magnetic shielding, and thus high active receiver system The formation of interference, so that it can not work, and disturb the power, especially at high frequencies, may form a control system of the microcontroller and the host computer can not be normal communication, serious form of single-chip crash, to the normal use of the formation of a difficult, and thus solve the problem of interference The.