Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver Step Angle

Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver Step angle

In various fields of application are very extensive, stepper motor is widely used in various fields of production practice. Its biggest application is in the manufacture of CNC machine tools, because the stepper motor does not require a / d conversion, the digital pulse signal can be directly converted into angular displacement, it is considered the ideal implementation of CNC machine tools. With the development of stepping motor technology, stepping motor has been able to use the system alone, has become an irreplaceable actuator. The following Xiaobian come to everyone for a good introduction on the working principle of the stepper motor driver is how?

1, the stepper motor driven by the subdivision driver, the step angle becomes smaller, such as the driver working in 10 subdivision state, the step angle of only the motor's inherent step angle of 1/10, also That is to say: 'When the driver is working in a subdivided whole step state, the motor rotates by 1.8 ° for each one step pulse of the control system. When the subdivision driver is in 10 subdivision state, the motor only rotates by 0.18 ° This is the basic concept of segmentation.

Stepper motor is a kind of special motor used as control. Its rotation is operated step by step at a fixed angle (called "step angle"), which is characterized by no accumulated error (100% accuracy) So widely used in various open-loop control. Stepper motor operation to have an electronic device to drive, this device is the stepper motor driver, which is the control system sends the pulse signal into a stepper motor angular displacement, or: control system for each pulse, Stepper motor is rotated one step away from the actuator. Therefore, the speed of the stepper motor is proportional to the frequency of the pulse signal. Automatic CNC firecracker interpolation machine is a simple operation, full-featured, meet the diverse needs of users of firecrackers consumption equipment. Fully automatic CNC firecrackers insertion machine is intelligent, it can automatically align the firecrackers basin, can be inserted into the different sizes of the firecrackers, the real complete automatic insertion. Let's take a look at automatic CNC firecracker interpolation machine using stepper motor issues:

In order to ensure that the stepping motor driver in the machine can be reliable, stable, correct operation, in the servo system installation, commissioning and use of the process, you should note the following:

1, According to the actual operating results correctly match the X, Y and Z triaxial speed parameters, in order to achieve the best operating conditions.

2, to ensure that the stepper motor, the device chassis, good grounding, on the one hand to prevent interference, on the other hand to prevent leakage. 3, pay attention to conservation, to avoid thread, metal debris fall into the controller, so as to avoid the formation of short circuit and damage to the controller.

4, pay attention to interference problems, the sensor line and the motor line, power cord tied together, try to adhere to a certain interval.

This plug-in consumer machinery fully separated the stepper, servo control system interpolation machine fast response, accurate positioning, setting time is short, smooth operation and so on.