Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver So That The Winding Current Is The Average

Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver So that the winding current is the average

The stepper motor must have a drive and a controller to function properly. The role of the drive is to control the pulse ring distribution, power amplification, so that stepper motor windings in a certain order power. Then you know how the stepper motor drive work, the following by the stepper motor drive manufacturers to bring you a quick understanding of the principle of stepper motor drive.

The basic principle of the stepper motor driver is: in the motor winding circuit, in series with a current detection circuit, when the winding current down to a lower limit, the current detection circuit sends a signal to control the high-voltage switch tube, so that high-pressure again Winding, so that the winding current to rise again; when the current rises to the upper limit, the high-voltage power supply and automatically disconnect. The above process is repeated so that the average value of the winding current is constant and the wave top of the current waveform is maintained at a predetermined value, which solves the problem that the current of the high and low voltage circuit is low in the low frequency range and increases the torque of the motor in the low frequency range.

So that we can understand the stepper motor drive through such a way to drive the drive, which is a very good way, this is our Changzhou stepper motor drive manufacturers to tell you about the working principle of stepper motor drive. The stepper motor driver is an actuator that converts electrical pulses into angular displacements. When the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepper motor to rotate a fixed angle (called the "step angle") in the set direction, and its rotation is run at a fixed angle step by step. Then the stepper motor drive the relevant characteristics you know more, the following by our Changzhou Golden Samson stepper motor drive manufacturers to tell you about.

Stepper motor drive some of the features:

(1) Special integrated circuits that make up the stepper motor driver system:

     A, pulse distributor integrated circuit.

     B, including the pulse distributor and current chopper controller integrated circuit.

     C, only drive-driven (or contain current control, protection circuit) driver IC.

     D, drive controller integrated circuits that include pulse distributors, power drivers, current control and protection circuits.