Hybrid Stepper Motor Conversion Device

Hybrid Stepper Motor Conversion device

Evolution history of hybrid stepping motor

Now hybrid stepper motor is developing faster and faster, hybrid stepper motor has become one of the more current use of the motor, and before the DC motor and AC motor, which are to convert the energy into kinetic energy One of the conversion device, it can be said has been slowly into the people's lives, and already

Played a pivotal role.

But in the evolution of human society today, into the era of automation, then some of the traditional motor function is not able to meet the factory automation and office automation and other sports control system, some requirements, so that in order to be better To adapt to these requirements,

We will have to develop a series of new can control the function of the motor system, and have their own characteristics, and its application is very wide is the hybrid stepper motor.

So the development of hybrid stepper motor and computer industry is closely related to the development, so hybrid stepper motor in our computer peripherals can replace the small DC motor, the role can be to improve the performance of the equipment, and And soon to improve the development of hybrid stepper motor, as well

Is the development of micro-computer and the digital control technology, so that this can be used as a numerical control system, an executive part of the hybrid stepper motor to promote the application can be used to other areas, such as mechanical and electrical machine tools and small Power machining machine or measuring instruments

And optical and medical equipment and packaging machinery and so on.

Now the application of hybrid stepper motor can be said to be very wide, hybrid stepper motor and the traditional DC motor is not the same, AC motor if you want to use in the conventional down, then it is not the same need double pulse Of the signal, and that is its power drive circuit and so on in the control system can be used to go above, so if it is to use a good hybrid stepper motor is not a very easy thing, because it involves To the mechanical and electrical machinery and electronics and its computer and other industries of expertise, but careful people will find why some hybrid stepper motor torque will be great?