Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor Application Areas

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motor Application areas

Hybrid linear stepper motor applications more and more widely in the machinery, electronics, textiles and other industries widely used, the following brief introduction:

    1. Hybrid linear stepper motor is mainly used for some positioning requirements of the occasion.

For example: wire cutting table drag, planting machine table (pore positioning), packaging machine (set length). Basically related to the positioning of the occasions are used.

    2. Widely used in ATM machine, inkjet machine, cutting plotter, pictorial machine, spraying equipment, medical equipment and equipment, computer peripherals and mass storage equipment, precision instruments, industrial control systems, office automation, robots and other fields.

    Particularly suitable for applications requiring smooth, low noise, fast response, long life, high output torque applications.

    3. Hybrid linear stepper motor in computer embroidery machine and other textile machinery and equipment has a wide range of applications, this type of hybrid linear stepper motor is characterized by maintaining the torque is not high, frequent start reaction speed, low noise operation, running Smooth, control performance is good, the whole cost is low.

    The hybrid linear stepper motors currently used in computer embroidery machines are mostly five-phase hybrid hybrid linear steels. The purpose is to reduce the step angle and improve the control accuracy by using a high-phase hybrid linear stepper motor , But the performance improvement achieved in this way is limited. And the cost is relatively high. The use of subdivision drive technology can greatly improve the hybrid linear stepper motor running quality, reduce torque ripple, inhibit oscillation, reduce noise, improve the step resolution. If the use of reactive hybrid linear stepper motor, significantly improved performance at the same time can greatly reduce the cost of the product. Hybrid linear stepper motor as a digital actuator, in the motion control system has been widely used. Many users friends in the use of hybrid linear stepper motor, the feeling of motor work when there is a big fever, doubts, I do not know whether this phenomenon is normal. In fact, fever is a common phenomenon of hybrid linear stepper motor, but what kind of heat is normal, and how to minimize the hybrid linear stepper motor fever? First of all, to understand why the hybrid linear stepper motor Fever For a variety of hybrid linear stepper motor, the internal are composed of core and winding coil. The winding has a resistance, power will produce loss, the size of the loss and resistance and current is proportional to the square, which is what we often say that the copper loss, if the current is not a standard DC or sine wave, but also produce harmonic loss; Eddy current effect, in the alternating magnetic field will produce loss, its size and material, current, frequency, voltage, called iron loss. Copper loss and iron loss will be expressed in the form of heat, thus affecting the efficiency of the motor. Hybrid linear stepper motor is generally the pursuit of positioning accuracy and torque output, the efficiency is relatively low, the current is generally large, and the harmonic component is high, the frequency of alternating current also changes with the speed, and thus mixed-type linear stepper motor ubiquitous fever Situation, and the situation is more serious than the general AC motor.