Encyclopedia Of 2015 Local Stepping Motor Manufacturer In China

Domestic step into motor production manufacturing industry, from Shang century 90 generation rise Yu Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, has after more than 20 years of development progress, has from had of weak industry and the very minority of several State enterprises, now development became a output billions of Yuan of new technology type industry. which mainstream of step into motor production factory, main distribution Yu Jiangsu and Zhejiang Shanghai and the Guangdong area. current domestic of more large step into motor production factory has, Shanghai Ming records, Changzhou shipped control, rich XING, Bonham,, Guangdong Province has Guangzhou new Yu and the Dongguan a can electromechanical, more than production enterprise. with recently economic boom degrees of declined, step into motor production enterprise number is in rendering rose trend, but throughout whole industry of products quality and the competition pattern, is completely in with quality of competition of situation. on the its reasons, main and added production enterprise, main to imitation mainstream enterprise products, to low price competition won one points market share for oriented, therefore with step into motor production factory of increased, whole industry of quality status to not optimistic!