DC Motor Cause Vibrations In The Process

A, and first check three-phase voltage whether balance, and tight solid anchor bolt, check based has no loose (not is Foundation loose has's, AH) power test, if invalid, into next II, and release load (belt, and gear,), power test, to judge whether is load not balance caused, if is, is adjustment load, makes of and DC motor axis parallel, vertical. If invalid, move on to the next level of step three, check end cap screw fastening, fastening the diagonal order, there is no sliding, no screw hole is too large. Hands idle, check for scan Chamber, sweeping gun, reassemble the cover and adjust the concentricity, if unable to adjust to the specified level, then check the rotors in good condition and replace or repair if invalid, move on to the next step. Four, check end cap bearings are in good condition, and replace, if the bearings are in good condition, check the clearance of the bearing and end caps is normal, if the gap is too large, be repaired or replaced. Invalid if enter the next five, check winding resistance and the insulation of the stator coils, and repair. Follow the above process checks.