BLDC Motor Good Controllability

BLDC Motor Good controllability

Brushless motor technical advantages:

1, good controllability, wide speed range.

2, high reliability, long working life, without regular maintenance.

3, high power factor, high efficiency, power density.

  Similarly, brushless DC motor also has some technical disadvantages

1, the need for electronic controller to work, increased technical complexity and cost, reducing reliability.

2, the rotor permanent magnet material limits the use of the motor environment, does not apply to high temperature environment.

3, there is a clear torque ripple, limiting the motor in the high-performance servo system, low-speed ripple system applications.

Third, the basic parameters of brushless motor

Name: The name of the outer rotor motor, the manufacturers are different, with the motor stator diameter height to name, but also to the height of the motor to name, our motor is the motor stator diameter and height to name. For example, 2212 motor, refers to the motor stator diameter 22MM, height 12MM.

Stator diameter: Diameter of silicon steel stator

Stator height (thickness): height of silicon steel stator

Number of cores (number of slots): Number of slots for stator silicon steel sheet

Number of poles (number of poles): the number of magnets on the rotor

The number of turns (T): motor stator slot on the winding around the winding line, note that the conventional number of turns refers to the adjacent two slots around the number of coils and that is, a groove around the 8 laps, the other one is 8 laps, Is 16T.

KV value: the motor speed, the greater the greater the motor speed. Motor speed = KV value * Operating voltage.

No-load current: the specified voltage, the motor without any load current

Phase resistance: The resistance between the two contacts after the motor is connected

Maximum continuous current: The maximum safe current of the motor

Maximum continuous power: the maximum safe power of the motor operating power = voltage * current