2015 Third Quarter Trend Of Domestic Prices Of Stepper Motor

2015 domestic price of stepper motor in the third quarter showed a trend of steady decline, while some in the homogenization of competition lower prices while reducing the quality of the approach to the enterprise. Dongguan electromechanical actively operating difficulties of dealing with industry issues, prices don't drop quality policy is adopted to ensure that customers use. 57 motor for mainstreaming to current market prices, for example, Dongguan electromechanical active starting from August, to major clients offered to reduce the price of 57 motor 5% above, and to provide customers with one-year warranty to ensure customer confidence in our products. To make such a move, in addition to further tapping the potential of management costs within the company and with the current domestic prices of basic raw materials dropped with the PPI also has a significant relationship. As 20,153 industrial sentiment index rebounded to 70 (net), four-quarter price index of domestic motor is expected in 2015 will be basically stable, in 2016, will be out of the modest rebound is foreseen.