The current rapid development of motor industry

Nearly 10 years, with the development of power electronics technology, computer technology, automatic control technology, faced with a revolution in the history of electric drive technology, AC instead of DC motor speed digital control technologies replace analog control and computer technology has become a trend. Motor variable frequency speed regulation technique in today's energy-saving, improving the process to improve product quality and improve the environment, a major means of promoting technological progress. This provides the motor with a huge market and development space. With power electronic technology, and micro-motor technology, and control theory of progress development up of "electronic control motor success example, and has traditional make DC drive features, used control type FM work way, from essentially solution has hinder synchronization motor widely application of oscillation, and lost step of problem, while has run efficiency high, and reliability good, and adjustable speed range wide, and dynamic response good, and applies Yu high-speed, and bad environment, advantages, has became electrical drive development of logo one of.