The application along with the development of motor

Current special motors for electric vehicles is not optional, can only use General Motors, such as DC series motors, DC motors, permanent magnet DC motors, induction motors, and so on. Loading constant loading of General Motors, and electric vehicles for loading, two attributes do not match, affecting the motor output, thereby affecting electric performance. In addition, general purpose motors are designed for maximum efficiency near the point, when the load off when the amount fixed, sharp decline in motor efficiency, affecting the vehicle's range. Switched reluctance motor at low speeds, have a larger torque but low efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous motor with high efficiency but low speed torque cannot be raised. Micro DC motor only have all the advantages of the motor, it has a series DC motor in low speed torque increase functions, and DC/DC motor speed control, high performance characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous motor and close the reliability of the asynchronous motor and is ideal for electric vehicle needs.