Rapid increase in application of brushless DC motor

Contemplation of brushless DC motor applications in recent years and changes in the global market, China's domestic market has changed dramatically. Dongguan mechanical and electrical technology, Ltd-led a wave of energy conservation and environmental protection as the theme of the brushless DC motor replace motor Mania has emerged. In many industries, manufacturing in China had put off to cool prices, began to stride from the performance! Electrical and mechanical development of brushless DC drives, from performance, function and so on, there has been a comprehensive alternative to Japan Oriental motor product trends, and price, also has the advantage of Chinese manufacturing, at present, Europe, Japan and other equipment manufacturers have turned to a similar products to! Analysis of their underlying causes, may be dominated because of its brushless motor drive new algorithms, in reference to the Germany based on the technology of, with its unique patented technology to estimate closed-loop-free way, so that its advance on brushless DC motor control algorithm is largely equivalent to the level of mainstream products abroad.