Rapid expansion of global market for stepper motor capacity

According to Japan authority automation professional media of reported, with China manufacturing to China created fast change of wave of emerged, China city high-end manufacturing enterprise internal, Automation machine alternative artificial has is imminent of trend. which, do for core automation parts of step into motor drive market needs, from global for, 2015 will will has 30% above of growth, and China city of step into motor drive needs growth more will up to 50% Around. its step into motor drive and line step into motor products in 2014 was Shenzhen Fuji Kang group widely used, main for Fuji Kang for IPHONE6 Automation Assembly production of automation process manufacturing equipment and the IPHONE6 of test equipment. only Shenzhen Fuji Kang 2014 to 2016 degrees of machine alternative people project, for step into motor drive and line step into motor of needs, will will appeared 200% above of growth trend.