Investigation on the stepper motor industry in China

China step into motor industry, after more than 20 years of development, basic has formed has motor manufacturing to Jiangsu and Zhejiang mainly of, industry chain complete of scale production pattern. and step into drive is formed has to Guangdong for subject, especially Shenzhen, Dongguan for led of development, manufacturing pattern. from world range view, currently Europe market and Japan market, single from motor view, certainly also including line motor, for its manufacturing based and material technology of leading, in motor manufacturing link, Should in obviously of leading status. 2014 global market of step into motor share in the, Europe subdivision of part, most for Europe Day three to producers by occupy. China manufacturing among, only Shanghai Ming records motor a can and of for competition. then, in step into drive of design manufacturing aspects, is because its on based manufacturing and based material of requirements relative not high, domestic production enterprise, for example Shanghai Ming records motor drive, Shenzhen mine game step into drive, Dongguan a can electromechanical step into motor drive,, Walking in parallel with Europe and product location. and because it is located in the County of its geographic advantages to make it wave of transition from made in China to created in China, to show, and rapid development.