Digital stepper motor drives overview

2015 new 3MR8 is a high speed digital based on ARM core M4 platform stepper motor driver, 3MR8 frequency 80M, receiving the pulse frequency is above 1M. Can say that 3MR8 is the highest frequency of stepper drives on the market can also drive the stepper motor operating speed of a quality digital step-motor driver. Electrical technology in Dongguan limited has appeared on the market in various types of digital step-motor driver based on, learn from successes and failures of other manufacturers of all kinds of products, fully into account in the customer's application requirements and quiet high-speed directional needs, focus on General this product into a full replacement of the universal drive. 3MR8 the listed price is slightly lower than the sale of several products from other manufacturers, although the 3MR8 is better in terms of performance, did so, its core objective was to repay new customers for a product for a long time love and support.