BLD-300B rapid increase in brushless DC motor drives

Wait in recent years of DC no brush motor application and the global market changes, China domestic market has occurred huge changes. to Dongguan a can electromechanical technology limited for led of a wave energy-saving environmental for theme of DC no brush motor alternative exchange motor of boom has rise. in many industry, China manufacturing are has out has price of to cool, began to performance aspects constantly towards! a can electromechanical development of BLD-300B DC no brush drive for representative of no brush drive products, has from performance, function, many, Appeared has full alternative Japan East motor related products of trend, and from price aspects, is and has China manufacturing of advantage, currently Europe day, to of equipment manufacturer has instead to a can similar products steering! analysis its inner reasons, may is for its by led of no brush motor drive new of algorithm, in reference has Germany related technology of based on, to its unique of patent technology achieved free sense estimates closed ring way, to makes its DC no brush motor control algorithm of advanced Shang view, Is almost equivalent to the level of mainstream products abroad.