2014 stepper motor market analysis

2014 is coming, we will review 2011 stepper motor changes in how this industry has experienced. Stepper motors of the Chinese market has been very greatly influenced by industry in the international market, international factors will affect the Chinese market a variation step motor supply and demand quantity and price. Therefore, the four quarters of 2013, China stepping motor of change shows ups and downs of the market. Stepper motor how to get out of the international market, China's "tease", in order to ensure a smooth development 2014 stepper motor, due to strengthening their own products to create, the State encourages and supports the motor industry research and development. Step into motor of market are also is compared active of, last year August early, steel price rose, step into motor main of raw materials----re of price more is crazy rose, raw materials rose, products of price had to followed rose, so August began, regardless of is domestic also is abroad of step into motor in price Shang are has is big of improve, especially size larger of step into motor, its price can and servo motor par has.